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Change in a Cereal Box

Change doesn’t come in a cereal box nor does it come as a mint after coffee, it comes when you ask for it and when you stand up for it.

Source: TAPCPR

Petition for TAPCPR’s Draft Amendments to the Civil Code of Taiwan

Rainer Maria Rilke once said, “For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks…”

But what is love?
Is it love letters? Is it two hands held close together? Is it a jointly owned home? Is it the romance of youth or attentive care during old age? Is it the person I long to see the most when I am lying on my sickbed? Or is it the one to whom I want to bequeath all I cherish most?

Love stems from the sentiment “I want us to be together” and the extent to which it deepens and continues frequently revolves around the question: “Do we have a future?”

The problem is: in the eyes of our country, who is allowed to have a future? A heterosexual couple who does not want to get married, a homosexual couple who wants to get married, and a group of people with the same goal in life, and who are willing to share and take care of each other: why is it that homes that they build with their own hands, and the families that they call their own are not recognized by the country under the current laws?

We believe that human love is varied, and that people should be free to come together and have the right to form families as they wish. If the laws only grant the right of marriage and the right to form families to heterosexual couples, entirely excluding other forms and possibilities of partnership, such a country and laws not only fail to satisfy the needs and expectations of the people, they also violate fundamental principles of justice.

Support Same-sex Rights

Therefore, the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) has, after two and a half years of efforts, completed the proposed Draft Amendments to the Civil Code, incorporating same-sex marriage, civil partnership system, adoption, and multi-person household in such amendments, so that people of different genders, sexual orientations, and sexual identities, and even people wishing to form a family without a basis in any sexual relationship, can, based on their individual needs, have the options to get married, to register themselves as civil partners, or to form a multi-person household; they can legally establish a family of their own, while pursuing and defining their own happiness.

If you agree with our statement, please show your support by signing the petition. Let us work together so that we can submit the TAPCPR’s Draft Amendments to the Civil Code to the Legislative Yuan, and through legislation complete the democratization of Taiwan’s family system.

Sign Petition Now


4 comments on “Change in a Cereal Box

  1. Ellen Hawley
    March 5, 2015

    Tried to sign but the link doesn’t work. Is it out of date?


    • nmwords
      March 5, 2015

      Oh sorry about that, I’ve just asked the group and they said they are fixing the link. I’ll send it to you once it’s fine, many thanks for supporting same-sex rights in Taiwan!


    • nmwords
      March 18, 2015

      Hello Ellen, sorry about the bad link to the last petition. The group is still trying to fix it so for the time being, I’ve changed it to a petition from All Out which is a great online mobilization group for LGBTI issues.


    • nmwords
      April 10, 2015

      Hello Ellen, the petition is finally back online! Sorry it took so long.


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